25 Metal Impresso Tags with Stakes

25 metal impresso tags with stakes

Okay… so I got tired of having my plastic plant tags fade or metal tags fall off the plant as the plant died back. So I fashioned my own perfect plant markers! I recycle wire hangers, cutting them and affixing the metal impresso tag. Now no more lost or faded plant tags! These will stick into the ground right where you want them to be and stay there as the plant dies back…you won’t lose where you marked your plants! Super! Each stake is individual in length and color, as I use all kinds of wire hangers. Stake lengths run from 6″ – 9″ tall and the tag will come affixed. All you need to do is insert your plants name and stick it in the ground! Perfect and earth friendly :) An innovative approach to identification. You simply use a pen (no ink necessary) to press firmly against the tag. Your wording is permanently engraved into the tag. No worry for the inscription to wear off, fade, or disappear. They may be wired, stapled, or nailed to object and will be resistant to weather, rust, grease and dirt.

These tags measure 3/4″ x 3″. The durable, non-corrodible finish does not oxidize, even with prolonged exposure to weather, most chemicals, heat, and dirt. Sturdy aluminum sheet is wrapped and glued around the core and permanently crimped in place, sealing the sides. The tag will not separate. I also have just the tag portion of the marker in my other items listed if you do not need the stake portion.

Order 25 Metal Impresso Tags with Stakes (25 tags) @ $12.99
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