1 Pound “Potpourri Mix” Poppy Pods Medium/Large/Jumbo Mix

Large Medium Mix Poppy Pods

New for 2013!!

Poppy Pod "Potpourri Mix". Perfect sized Medium pods, Large Pods and Jumbo pods mix! There will be a few small pods here and there as well...just to even out this mix!!

Make Potpourri - 

When you mix poppy pods with other materials such as dried apple slices and wood chips, they add to an attractive potpourri. Purchase a scent you like at a craft store and display your potpourri on your coffee table or another area where people can see it, smell it, and enjoy it.

Make a Dried Arrangement - 

Because your poppies will form seedpods late in summer, fall is a good time to gather them, dry them, and use them in fall-themed dried arrangements. Combine a few poppy pods with miniature pumpkins and some colorful fall leaves for a Halloween party centerpiece, or use them for your Thanksgiving decorating. Mixed with holly, pine boughs and other plants, either fresh or dry, poppy pods add interest to Christmas centerpieces. You can stick your poppy pod stems into a green florist's sponge to hold them steady.

To read more ideas: Uses for Dried Poppy Pods | Garden Guides

Looking for amazing customer service? Then you have come to the right place!! To be used for crafting or decorative purposes only.

Order 1 Pound "Potpourri Mix" Poppy Pods Medium/Large/JumboMix (1 pound) @ $224.99
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